We make the journey simple

our Methodology

We are focus experts delivering business transformation helping you thrive by making your data accessible and helping to solve your business needs. We blend statistical analysis and design with business transformation and operational effectiveness. We are relationship focused and we want to drive the successful outcomes for people by talking to people whilst we leverage your data.

Our Journey

We explore the issues you face and identify the influences and those impacted by these issue e.g. accessing data, handing off to a colleague, efficiency of tool or system.

We identify requirements : what are the issues? What data is available?

Identify outcomes to address the issues faced and determine a process to support the outcomes ensuring people are engaged in the journey, Identify the risks associated with the issues faced.

Turn the process into a set of clear objectives that supports the transition to better use of data e.g. better working practices, better internal collaboration, process, structure or tools.

the phased Approach


This phase provides you with an insight into the data, tools, systems and resources that you’re using and what they’re actually doing.  Our approach serves as an efficient, low impact way to risk assess & consider change improvement.

The best part is, as an impartial team working with your employees, your people feel heard and valued as part of your culture.  And you get a true picture of your data.

‘Culture is King’ here.  We work with you to ensure that employees have clarity on their role and contribution to goals and business outcomes.  It makes development plans easier to write, employees feel empowered in their career, and critically you have a team who are more engaged in working collaboratively within your business.


This phase provides you with recommendations to address the gaps in current vs. desired status.  We provide a structured efficient plan along with a vision of what an implementation, transformation or new system/tool plan could look like.


This phase implements agreed recommendations. Plans will deliver measurable outcomes that ensure your business is streamlined, efficient and using the right systems and tools.

Outcomes are designed to meet all requirements. They may include Machine Learning, Data Warehousing, off the shelf solutions, bespoke software, personal development plans with associated HR policies and procedures, documented KPIs, targets, commission policies, organisational structure documents or role descriptions.