How to Gather Meaningful Data

Are you measuring what matters? Are you gaining value from your data? The final article in our series on building healthy cultures shares our three-step process for gathering meaningful data by thinking strategically, looking in the obvious places, and aiming for “good-enough”.

Inez Hogarth
November 2021

How to Avoid the Four Data Pitfalls

Are you getting the most out of data within your organisation? This second article in our series on building a healthy data culture looks at the four common data pitfalls. We share our advice on how to avoid them and empower your people and data to fulfil their potential.

Inez Hogarth
August 2021

How to Build an Experimental Mindset

Where have you recently demonstrated an experimental mindset? If you’re wondering when that was, or what an experimental mindset is, then this article might help.

Inez Hogarth
June 2021